Our rental program offers business owners new equipment with no upfront costs. We’ll manage your HVAC equipment so you can manage your business.

We’ll take care of everything, including*:

  • supply and install equipment
  • comprehensive maintenance plan
  • equipment repair and replacement parts
  • 24/7 emergency services

The scenarios in the chart show the 10 year projected costs of a high-efficiency boiler. Customer A is able to rent a boiler and save money.

Rent & Save

Item Customer A Rents Customer B Owns
Purchase price plus installation2 $0 $10,170
Maintenance costs3 $0 $2,889
Standard repairs4 $0 $3,911
Rental cost5  $18,418 $0
Tax benefit ($4,881)7 ($2,668)6
Total operating cost $13,537 $14,302


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