Hard water is water with a high mineral content. It affects everything it touches - from your skin and hair to your appliances and plumbing fixtures. It creates scale build up in your pipes, causes water spotting on your taps, lessens the effectiveness of soap and detergent which ultimately results in dry, itchy skin and dull, limp hair.

Thankfully, we have two great solutions to offer: a regular water softener that removes clear water iron or our combination water conditioning system that’s designed to soften your water plus remove chlorine, helping to eliminate odours and reduce contaminants that will leave you with water that feels, tastes and cleans better.

Our water softeners/conditioners are ideal for those living in hard water areas. Water hardness levels are measured by grains per gallon (GPG). The degree of hardness becomes greater as the mineral content increases.

Water Softener Features:

  • Smart technology – equipment self-cleans on demand based on water usage (unlike generic products that require manual settings)
  • Clear water iron removal up to 5 ppm with turbulator
  • State-of-the-art computerized technology
  • Salt-free compatible when using potassium

Water Softener Benefits:

  • Softens skin, hair and laundry by activating soap/shampoo/detergent so you use less
  • Eliminates hard water spots on dishes
  • Prevents scum and scale build up on sinks, tubs, shower tiles etc. resulting in longer life of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Spend less than $3/year in electricity** and your water heater will consume up to 22% less energy** than with hard water
  • 12 year warranty

Water Conditioner Features:

  • Removes chlorine and volatile organic chemicals
  • Doesn’t waste any water
  • Self-diagnostic/cleaning service features
  • Use as little as 2.5 lbs of salt per regeneration cycle (80% less salt than dial style units)**

Water Conditioner Benefits:

  • Softens skin and hair by activating soap/shampoo/detergent so you use up to 55% less**
  • Eliminates hard water spots on dishes and prevents scum and scale build up on sinks, tubs, shower tiles etc. resulting in longer life of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Spend less than $3/year in electricity** and your water heater will consume up to 22% less energy* than with hard water
  • Better tasting water
  • 20 year warranty

Do you live in a hard water area?

See the list below to determine how hard the water is in your area.

Water Hardness in Grains: 7+ Grains Considered Hard Water
10 Ajax 60 Harrow 5 Peterborough
20 Almonte 15 Hanover 10 Pickering
8 Amhurstburg 5 Hawkesbury 10 Picton
20 Ancaster 30 Hespeler 10 Port Arthur
15 Arnprior 30 Ingersoll 10 Port Colborne
15 Aurora 8 Iroquois Falls 15 Port Dover
12 Azilda 20 Islington 40 Port Elgin
15 Barrie 10 Kapuskasing 10 Port Hope
15 Beamsville 20 Kemptville 10 Prescott
10 Bellville 5 Kenora 20 Preston
10 Bracebridge 10 Kingston 5 Renfrew
15 Bradford 5 Kirkland Lake 20 Richmond Hill
10 Brockville 35 Kitchener 10 St. Catharines
10 Burks Falls 20 Lansing 25 St. Mary’s
10 Burlington 15 Leamington 15 St. Thomas
25 Cambridge 10 Lindsay 10 Sarnia
8 Carleton Place 15 Listowel 5 Sault Ste. Marie
120 Cayuga 10 London 10 Scarborough
15 Chatham 15 Lucan 20 Seaforth
10 Cippawa 20 Lucknow 15 Shelburne
15 Clifford 15 Meaford 15 Simcoe
15 Clinton 10 Merrilton 5 Smiths Falls
5 Cobalt 10 Midland 30 Stratford
10 Cobourg 15 Milton 20 Strathroy
20 Cochrane 10 Mississauga 5 Sturgeon Falls
8 Collingwood 20 Mitchell 5 Sudbury
5 Copper Cliff 5 Matawa 35 Tavistock
10 Cornwall 25 Mount Forest 10 Tecumseh
5 Craigment 20 New Liskeard 35 Teeswater
20 Delhi 15 Newmarket 10 Thorold
10 Deseronto 10 New Toronto 15 Tillsonburg
5 Dryden 10 Niagara Falls 5 Timmins
20 Dundas 5 North Bay 10 Toronto
25 Dunnville 20 North York 10 Trenton
35 Elmira 15 Norwick 20 Twin Province
35 Essex 10 Oakville 20 Uxbridge 
10 Etobicoke 10 Orillia 10 Walkerton
20 Fonthill 10 Oshawa 10 Wallaceburg
25 Galt 5 Ottawa 35 Waterloo
10 Gananoque 15 Owen Sound 10 Welland
10 Georgetown 20 Paisley 10 Weston
25 Goderich  45 Paris 10 Whitby
10 Grimsby 15 Parkhill 8 Windsor
30 Guelph 5 Parry Sound 15 Woodbridge
30 Hagersville 5 Pembroke 25 Woodroffe
5 Haileybury 10 Penetanguishene 5 Woodstock
10 Hamilton 5 Perth  

Source: Canadian Water Association

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